Collection: Box Sets

Enter a world of creatures, lore, spicy paranormal romance, and scares. Twisted stories that will have you turning the pages until the very end... 

Dare to cross the threshold into a realm where ancient nightmares breathe... Here, in the shadow-veiled corners of our world, forgotten shadow creatures stir—their inhuman desires reawakened. Feel the hair on your neck rise as you discover dark lore, and let the intoxicating blend of sensual temptation and primal terror ensnare you with its spicy edge.

Our twisted tales will wrap around your mind like tendrils of night, compelling you to turn page after page. Even as your hands tremble and your heart races, you'll find yourself unable to look away because you are now trapped between this reality and what lies beyond.

Welcome to the darkness. It's been waiting for you. 🕯️👁️🕯️