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Author Art Saborio

Mutation (Paperback)

Mutation (Paperback)

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An artificial intelligence expert.
An environmentalist extremist.
And an unstoppable viral threat to end all of humanity…

The words light up my police radio, “Officer down.” The shock I experienced when I arrived at the crime scene was unimaginable. What I see changes my life forever.

Terror grips me as I see the flesh dripping from the suspect’s mouth. I raise my gun and tell him to freeze. I arrest him. He has no memory of his horrendous actions. A flesh-eating killer was not on my detective’s agenda for the day.

My blood freezes when I hear this is not a one-time thing. The next day, another report comes in. It’s similar. Flesh-eaters attack an innocent couple without memory of why or what they did.

More and more reports of flesh eaters around the U.S. are popping up, and the time to stop the outbreak is running out. The world is rapidly coming to an end, and the clock is ticking to find the one person who can stop this before it’s too late…

It is an end-of-the-world, edge-of-your-seat steamy horror thriller that will shock you and terrify you well after you turn the last page.

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Format: Paperback

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "I rather enjoyed this short story with an apocalyptic feel to it brought to you via a science mutation.  It was a quick read that made me shake my head but sounded both out there and yet could happen as people are nuts some times.  Light yet dark at the same time it was a fun read." ~christinaraven

★★★★★ "Mutation by Art Saborio literally terrified me. The potential for gene mutation in a vaccine is high. This book scared me because this could happen. It was a faced paced quick read that had my hair standing on end." ~ Nichole Sells

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