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Author Art Saborio

Shadow Realm (Paperback)

Shadow Realm (Paperback)

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Born from sin and created to feed...

For millions of years, I’ve been the first of my kind: a demon, a succubus. Born to serve the Shadow Realm.

My prey is the human male, who relishes in causing chaos, pain, despair, and other delicious sins.
Through the pleasures of grunts and loins, I consume their lives, then their souls.
My reward? Eternal youth, beauty... and my very existence.

I was powerful. Infallible. My master had just allowed me to lead a legion of shadow beings.
But that was until I met Michael Blake.
When our hands touched, I knew he was something other than human.

When I shared his bed, he threw my balance into chaos. I broke a rule that was made never to be broken, so now I am doomed to experience feelings never felt by my kind.

And now, my existence is at risk.
Because if I decide to throw it all away to be with Michael, it makes me a traitor to my kind.

Yet, I can’t help thinking about what Michael did to me in bed that night. It left me wanting so much more.

Book 1 in the Dark Realms Series

Opposites attract in this steamy, action-packed thriller filled with demons, angels, and all things magick. Shadow Realm is a paranormal romance-thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last — but there’s no cliffhangers, just one very satisfying ending.


Books in the Series

  • Shadow Realm
  • Thirst - A Vampire Story
  • The Omega - Darkness Rises (release late 2024)

Format: Paperback

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Paranormal romances, so good, so...yummy. There's just something about them that keeps us coming back for more, isn't there? And this one by Saborio is no exception!" ~ tapnchica

★★★★★ "I found this to be a quick and enjoyable book. Love the characters of this paranormal romance that had me turning pages till the end. Looking forward to more."  ~ Tamnut

★★★★★ "What a great book! I couldn't put it down. The details for each character introduced were wonderful, and the world-building was really good. I was immersed in this demon/angel world from the beginning." ~TFvegas68

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