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Author Art Saborio

The Curse (Paperback)

The Curse (Paperback)

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A witch's curse.
A powerful magic book.
One is conjured to end my life, while the other exists to safeguard my bloodline.

It's a death sentence to anyone foolish
enough to love me, and that fool just
walked into my life. His name is Damian.
He is intriguing and devilishly handsome.

In his childish thoughts, he believes he can love me while
outwitting the family's ancient curse. Oh, if only his chiseled body,
handsome looks, and his skills in tasting the delicacy between my
thighs matched his wits, he could be the one.

As I fear, the curse now has its sights on Damian. Time is running
out, and if I can't find a way to break an ancient curse, then I may
lose everything I love.

The stakes are high in this ancient curse... paranormal romance. It's filled with magic, dark entities, witches, myth, and legend. It is a spicy read with no cliffhanger.


Format: Paperback

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