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Author Art Saborio

The Omega - Darkness Rises (eBook)

The Omega - Darkness Rises (eBook)

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He is the Alpha, the Lord of Light. 
I am the Omega, destined to conquer the realms.

Yet my desires are not quenched by blood alone; I crave a mate to satisfy my longings.

In the darkness, I discover strength, power, and purpose. I hone my magic and build my army. As I stand at the gates, the horns sound. My destiny draws near—the final realm will fall!

The Shadow Lord stands tall and majestic, possessing a perfectly chiseled body—an ideal slave to satiate my hunger and fulfill my every need. For centuries, I have observed his every move. He radiates power beyond my comprehension, yet he will bow before me.

Only one thing can stop me - a sword of unstoppable might, thirsting for blood. It hangs long and proper from the Shadow Lord’s hip. My desire for him blinds me, but to triumph, I must kill.

Book 3 - the last book in the Dark Realms series.

Opposites attract in this steamy, fantasy world filled with demons, magi, and dark magic. “The Omega: Darkness Rises.” It is a fast-paced paranormal romance-horror thriller that keeps you turning the pages. The characters you love from the first two books rejoin the storyline. — Twists and unexpected turns will have you guessing till the very end.


Books in the Series

  • Shadow Realm
  • Thirst - A Vampire Story
  • The Omega - Darkness Rises (release late 2024)

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Fantastic end to this series. Loved all the books."

★★★★★ "A page-turner and satisfying ending. I loved the characters, interactions, and world-building. Truly a wonderful book."

★★★★★ "I wish I would have found this author long ago. I love Art Saborio's writing style and his imagination. Great storyteller."

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